Aspects of creativity

Due to the circumstances it happened so that the style range of our work is limited to the classical directions of architecture and interior and it is well aligned with the mentality of the studio. Different kinds of crafts that make a building look as an architectural ensemble, great attention to details, texture and colour these are the methods and means of our work. This is very important in classical architecture, where one should feel the texture’s identity.
Details in architecture and interior are very important. Whether primary or secondary they are a tool for creating an image, they help to build a composition, to create the appropriate atmosphere, to fill the facade or interior with aesthetic, intellectual, sensual content. In details, the style sounds, in details the craft expresses its special opportunities and advantages. These are the details which can help the author share something intimate. Only in details architecture and interior are complete.
The interior has always followed architecture. The best examples of architectural artworks in this sense are the ensembles that embody the unity of stylistic features and compositional solutions of both the external and internal. We are also the supporters of such unity always striving to follow this rule. In our opinion, the interior should have a number of favourable perspectives related to the scenario of life in it and to its application, being compound and equally interesting in different lighting, and also pleasing the eye with the correlation of forms and materials.
One of the important moments of architectural object perception is its landscape interrelation. The background whether urban or natural determines the main characteristics of the structure, conveys its composition, volume, shape, finishing. Another thing making a fair view is the light. It identifies the plasticity, texture and colour, which in turn give us decor ideas and a palette of finishing touches. Thus, architecture blends seamlessly into the historic urban context or offers a new version of history.